Based on visual attraction, a customisable research application

RAMPapps method is unique because the visual content is the prime motivator in the search and exploration process.

By utilising a new search methodology based on visual attraction and proprietary AI, our software may be applied to numerous ventures


Integrated within your organisation’s current CRM (customer relationship management software), RAMPapp is used to inform new staff or team members of colleagues with the right skill-set needed to best complete that project / task.

Careers Research

As an career research platform, RAMPapp inspires and informs those whose career path remains undiscovered, providing unexpected choices; or, for those with known career direction, clear, informative and interesting routes to achieve their goal.

Diversity and Inclusion

Through the presentation of faces of people within various careers,, RAMPapp provides unexpected results that causes participants to realign social perceptions.


Best of All; RAMPapp is fully customisable to your organization’s brand with an administrative interface that also provides data analysis and reports.